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Intermediate flash tutorial #1

Intermediate flash tutorial #1

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Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility is always an important thing when it comes to using a website efficiently, simple things, like having links on your website work, and simple and easy to use navigation can make or break a website. For me, and many other people a clean simple website can be very effective and easy to use. i like to know where i am and understand my surroundings, even if i just click on the page for the first time. all kinds of people use the web and it should be accessible to everyone. Some people who use the web are deaf and blind people and it important to think of them and make your website accessible for those people. If you want to understand ways you can make your website accessible, there are many articles that you can read.

This articles linked at the bottom are articles about different types of disabilities and assistive technologies that can be helpful to the blind, deaf and other disabilities, the second link shows “WebAIM” which is a visual aid. talks about technologies that convert text to works for the visually disabled, common screen readers are JAWS, Window Eyes, and Home Page Reader. screen readers for the deaf-blind can convert the text into brail onto a small device on which they lay there hands on. screen reader limitations are also there, like it can not describe any images that may be on the website or the overall visual layout of the website. using a key board is very helpful to the blind as well and using short keys to do things like switch pages and other keys to get around the website. 

two websites that are not very accessible and i find hard to use are…

Using this website can be very difficult, because the navigation is always moving, when you click it moves more, i think that this is a terrible way to present your navigation because some people might not be able to click the navigation and miss, then the nav moves all over the page.

They could probably fix this by leaving the navigation in one spot, and not have it move

this website has clickable image navigation which is hard because people who can see do not know where the pictures are, and what they are, sometime this can be tough because i didn’t even notice that the images where the navigation

if they really want those pictures they can be fixed by having an explanation of each photo and a better navigation.


Articles :

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monkey, my favourite picture

monkey, my favourite picture

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Jurassic park 5

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other close up photos

other close up photos


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colour balance

colour balance

i thought this was a pretty redundant portion of assignments in photography. just showed up that what ever lighting you are in you have to set your camera to the right setting so our picture isn’t too orange or blue

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